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APPENDIX: Water side devices and accessories
Our company is manufacturing not only standard units (equipped with standard regulation, valves and water equipment), but also units with water side special solutions and custom-made hydric kits. Thanks to the active cooperation with our clients and to the careful analysis of the requests, we acquired a significant experience in the manufacturing of any water side equipment and regulation. More and more often the clients is looking for complete, integrated solutions, turnkey, mounted and tested in the company, previously preset solutions for an easy and quick installation on site without surprises and inconveniences, able to guarantee time saving and low installation costs. Often the standard must be abandoned (range of pre-packaged solutions) to approach the installation world that involves design, manage and implement solutions tailored to each case. To do this, here below are shown some devices (Flexible pipes, Ball valves, Balancing valves, PICV valves, etc.) frequently requested and used:

  • to realise custom made water side regulation systems
  • to satisfy specific requests/needs of the client / end user
  • freely configure a unit according to the installation needs
Highly qualified personnel will install the devices and configure the units as required, providing the customer with a complete, functional, tested and state- of-the-art product in accordance with current regulations.


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