Electrical devices & Electric boards

APPENDIX: Electrical devices & Electric boards
Our company is manufacturing not only standard units (equipped with standard electrical wiring and standard regulation), but also units provided with custom made electric and power control boards.
Available wide range of devices (autotransformers, transformers, differential pressure switches, thermostats, relays, contactors, magnetothermic switch, etc..) frequently requested and used:

  • to realise regulation systems or custom made electrical wiring
  • to satisfy specific requests/needs of the client/user
  • to provide additional contacts, alarms, according to the needs, etc...
  • freely configure a unit or an electrical board
  • Available also electric controls and power boards preconfigured for electrical heaters, motors, accessories (QR, QE, QM, QA, ...)
Highly qualified personnel will install the required equipment and composes configurations according to predefined electrical wiring, providing clients with a complete, functional, tested and manufactured in a workmanlike product in accordance to the electrical norms and safety regulations.


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