The BPS targets are pursued through: the quality policy, the company organisation, the investments in research and development.

All the BPS resources are permanently finalised:
• To manufacture products according with the maximum quality and safety international levels.
• To keep a constant level in the technological research, choosing the most suitable manufacturing processes and materials, enabling to manufacture reliable
  and safe units, according to the laws/regulations and existing technical standards, environmental friendly units, with permanently improved quality
  and the research of reduced costs.
• To realise solutions and accessories, also “on measure”, able to satisfy any new requirement of the client.
• To select only qualified suppliers in order to guarantee high quality raw materials.
• To follow suitable manufacturing, assembling and quality control procedures, in all the production steps.
• To perform an careful final testing on 100% of the manufactured units.
• To guarantee the traceability of any single manufactured item.
• To reduce as much as possible the delivery time.
• To supply a suitable pre-sale and after-sale technical documentation.
• To offer products and services to competitive prices; supply to the clients pre-sale services free of charge.
• To sustain to any level of the company an active, adequate and effective quality policy.
• To activate the necessary plans to follow the main target: “Customer Satisfaction”.

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