Brushless fan-coil units
Cooling 1,5 ÷ 8,8 kW
3,7 ÷ 17,6 kW
Air flow 370 ÷ 1.255 m3/h

  BRUSHLESS+INVERTER winning together: the Brushless motor provides maximum energy savings in comparison with all other currently available technologies; the Inverter permanently modulates the air flow, adjusting instant by instant, to the actual needs of the room to be conditioned ... any comparison with a conventional 3 speed asynchronous motor becomes superfluous...
Improved well-being (*), lower consumption:
• Total Comfort: small fluctuations of the temperature and humidity
• The regime conditions of the rooms are rapidly reached
• Very quiet operation (noise level –50%)
• 50% yearly energy saving (with peaks up to 70%)
• 50% reduction in CO2 emissions

(*) Improved well-being: the continuous variation 0-100% of the air flow and the consequent
modulation of the heating and cooling capacity, adapting, instant by instant, to the actual
needs of the room to be air-conditioned, guarantees reduced fluctuations of the temperature,
humidity and noise.


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